Robert Haigh
Creatures of the Deep
Digital, 2017 Unseen Worlds

«Creatures of the Deep» é o nono álbum de Robert Haigh em nome próprio, aos quais se juntam os diversos registos em projectos individuais como Omni Trio, Sema ou no colectivo Nurse With Wound. [++]

Give It A Try
CD, Bulbart
Belle & Sebastian
How To Solve Our Human Pro...
Digital, Matador
Golden Teacher
No Luscious Life
Digital, Ed. Autor
King Gizzard & The Liz...
Digital, Ed. Autor
Digital, Cat Werk Imprint
Digital, Mahana Bay
Peter Broderick
All Together Again
Digital, Erased Tapes
Philip Jeck
Digital, Touch
Sufjan Stevens
Tonya Harding
Digital, Asthmatic Kitty
Svarte Greiner
Digital, Miasmah
Svarte Greiner
Digital, Miasmah
Visible Cloaks
Digital, RVNG Intl.
Mortalcombat_ Vacances en France
Jaap Blonk + Terrie Ex_ Thirsty Ears
Aidan Baker + Gareth Davis_ Invisible Cities
Jaguwar_ Ring Thing
PARA_ Paraphon
Peter Schubert + Andreas Usenbenz_ Plaque´
Belle & Sebastian_ How To Solve Our Human Problems ...
Sufjan Stevens_ Tonya Harding
Visible Cloaks_ Lex
Islaja_ Tarrantulla
Chra_ On A Fateful Morning
Harry Stafford_ Guitar Shaped Hammers
hackedepicciotto_ Menetekel
Konstrukt + Keiji Haino_ A Philosophy Warping, Little By ...
Cup_ Hiccup
Kill Your Boyfriend_ Ulrich
Torcido_ Cabaça
vonneumann_ NorN
THOT_ Fleuve
nohaybanda!_ nohaybanda!
LSKA_ Void
Ambulance_ Give It A Try
White Wine_ Who Cares What the Laser Says
Telescopes_ Stone Tape
Limiñanas_ Istanbul Is Sleepy EP
La Jovenc_ Mater
Tennis_ We Can Die Happy
Svarte Greiner_ Knive
Svarte Greiner_ Apart
Sufjan Stevens_ The Greatest Gift
Stearica_ 20YRS
Sleigh Bells_ Kid Kruschev EP
Shilpa Ray_ Paisley
Peter Broderick_ All Together Again
Nils Band Økland_ Lysning
Morrissey_ Low In High School
LeCabLe_ Multicore
Korto_ Korto
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard_ Polygondwanaland
Kim Myhr_ You | Me
John Lake_ #Void
Jay-Jay Johanson_ Advice To My Younger Self
Horacio Vaggione_ Fluides
Golden Teacher_ No Luscious Life
Donato Dozzy_ Afterhouse 01 [EP]
Gigaldi_ Das ganze Doppelalbum
Fujiya & Miyagi_ Different Blades From The Same P...
Erik Honore´_ Unrest
Elizabeth Anderson_ Trilogie Janus
Elbow_ The Best Of (Deluxe Edition)
Denis Frajerman_ Rivie`res de la nuit
Charlotte Gainsbourg_ Rest
Carl Michael von Hausswolff_ Still Life - Requiem
BUG_ Calamitas
Bonnie Prince Billy_ Wolf Of The Cosmos
Atamina_ Sycophantic Friends
Nicolas Bernier_ Transfert/Futur
Ambelion_ The Cure
Björk_ Utopia
Fugly_ Millenial Shit
Nick Garrie_ The Moon and The Village
Amp_ Q factors (a mixtape)
Gagarin_ Corvid
Máquina del Amor_ Disco
Microfeel_ Autodrone
Goner_ Yogascum
Martina Lussi_ Selected Ambient
Alessio Santini_ Kenter
Snow Palms_ Origin and Echo
Nakama_ Worst Generation
Robert Logan_ Pop [EP]
Vários_ 13 Days of Xmas
Felix Kubin_ Takt der Arbeit
Vários_ Diggin In The Carts - A Collecti...
Oliver Spalding_ Unfurl
Adrian Corker + Jack Wyllie_ Adrian Corker Jack Wyllie
N-qia_ fantasica
Adriano Zanni_ Disappearing
Large Unit_ Fluku
WK569_ Omaggio a Marino Zuccheri
Gonçalo_ Boavista
Ross Manning_ Reflex In Waves
Angel Olsen_ Phases
Molecular_ Warmest Regards
Ueno Takashi_ Smoke Under The Water
pinkcourtesyphone_ Indelicate Slices
Apichatpong Weerasethakul_ Metaphors: Selected Soundworks f...
Anders Holst + Yann Coppier_ Onomatopeia
Sylvain Chauveau + Chant 1450 Re..._ Echoes of Harmony: Early Musci R...
Gil Hockman_ Becoming
Blaney_ The Severance
Pauline Anna Strom_ Trans-Millenia Music
Nadah El Shazly_ Ahwar
Utro_ Third Album
Spaceheads_ A New World In Our Hearts
Soft People_ American Men
Manuella Blackburn_ Petites e´tincelles
Kurws, the_ Alarm
Davys_ This Is Where I Leave You
Darto_ Human Giving
Ze-Ka_ Ghost Planet
Yawpers_ Boy In A Well
No Mask Effect_ Beings
Mortalcombat_ Beau Et Décadent
Lydia Loveless_ Boy Crazy and Single(s)
Kemper Norton_ Stannum
Jon Langford_ Four Lost Souls
Hanne Hukkelberg_ Trust
Flat Five_ The Raven
Brockmann // Bargmann_ Licht
Fever Ray_ Plunge
Benjamin Thigpen_ Flux
Aqualung_ 88 Keys
Adrian Crowley_ Dark Eyed Messenger
Bing & Ruth_ Dorsal
John Chantler + Steve Noble + Se..._ Front and Above
Dear Telephone_ Cut
Martin Carr_ New Shapes Of Life
Band Of Holy Joy_ Funambulist We Love You
SAVAK_ Cut-Ups
Bruxista_ Human Resources
Trupa Trupa_ Jolly New Songs
Joe Henry_ Thrum
Peter Zirbs_ Firmament
Telescopes_ Rare Compilation Tracks: 2002-2007
Audiac_ So Waltz
Lee Gamble_ Mnestic Pressure
R. Missing_ Unsummering
Colleen_ A Flame My Love, A Frequency
Sugai Ken_ UkabazUmorezU
Claire M Singer_ Fairge
DJ Tre_ The Underdogg
Elodie_ Vieux Silence
Destroyer_ Ken
Masma Dream World_ Masma Dream World
Nightingales, the_ Become Not Becoming
O3_ Trashumanica
Martin Bramah_ The Battle Of Twisted Heel
Gist, the_ Holding Pattern
Bitter Springs_ Love Rat / Less Than Love
Ben Frost_ Super Dark Times
Mão Morta_ 6|1: Theatro Circo, Braga
Arcade Fire, the_ 23|4: Campo Pequeno, Lisboa
Jesus & Mary Chain_ 28|5: Coliseu, Lisboa
Jesus & Mary Chain_ 29|5: Casa da Música, Porto
National, the_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa