All Nerve
Digital, 2018 4AD

30 anos depois de terem dado início às suas actividades, numa carreira de pontos muito altos e de alguns passos em falso, eis que «All Nerve» nos trás de volta a formação clássica das Breeders e, com ela, o regresso aos discos relevantes. [++]

Chrysta Bell
Chrysta Bell EP
Digital, Meta Hari
David Byrne
American Utopia
Digital, Nonesuch
Go Kart Mozart
Mozart Estate Present Go-K...
Digital, West Midlands Records
kutin + kindlinger
Decomposition IV
Digital, Ventil Records
Marc Sarrazy + Laurent...
Chansons pour l’oreille ga...
Digital, Linoleum Records
Digital, Joyful Noise
Spacetime Continuum
Sea Biscuit [reissue]
Digital, Psychonavigation
[reedição em 2018]
Digital, Secretly Canadian
Taylor Deupree
Digital, 12k Records
Le Tunnel Végétal
Digital, Talitres
Zoe¨ Mc Pherson
String Figures
Digital, SVS Records
Dirty Coal Train, the_ Portuguese Freakshow
Ragnar Johnson_ Crying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute...
Lucrecia Dalt_ Anticlines
Jorge Ferraz_ Machines for Don Quixote
Jemh Circs_ (untitled) Kingdom
Ben Bertrand_ NGC1999
Midas Fall_ Evaporate
SkyDive Trio_ Sun Sparkle
Arovane + Poray Hatami_ Organism_evolution
House Of Blondes_ Time Trip
Oker_ Husene va°re er museer
Suave_ Português Suave
µ-Ziq_ Challenge Me Foolish
Laish_ Time Elastic
Slagr_ Dirr
Territoire_ Alix
Thembi Soddell_ Love Songs
Muddersten_ Playmates
Matawan_ We Lingered in the Chambers of t...
Joana Gama + Luís Fernandes_ At The Still Point Of The Turnin...
Locust Fudge_ Oscillation
Shall Remain Nameless_ Untitled
Third Eye Foundation_ Wake the Dead
Pttrns_ Material und Geschichte
Moon Gangs_ Earth Loop
Sandro Mussida_ Ventuno Costellazioni Invisibili
John 3:16_ ???
VOWWS_ Under the World
Goh Lee Kwang + Christian Meaas ..._ Gibberish, Balderdash and Drivel
Havnes.Ja¨rmyr.Serries_ Distant Curving Horizon. The Pri...
Preoccupations_ New Material
Guided By Voices_ Space Gun
Ex, the_ 27 Passports
Ursula K. Le Guin + Todd Barton_ Music and Poetry Of The Kesh
Kink Gong_ Dian Long - Soundscape China / D...
Paul Biss_ Quelques Coups de Téléphone
Tipo_ Novas Ocupações
Tilbury_ Execution
Yo La Tengo_ There’s A Riot Going On
Ministry_ Amerikkkant
Jonny Greenwood_ You Were Never Really Here OST
Dinosaur Jr_ Hold Unknown (single)
Birds Are Indie_ Local Affairs
Subduxtion_ Ambulate EP
Jackie-O Motherfucker_ Bloom
Yair Etziony_ Deliverance
Little Tornados_ Apocalypse
Oneida_ Romance
Station 17_ Blick
Ayuune Sule_ We Have One Destiny
Beautify Junkyards_ The Invisible World
Thousand_ Le Tunnel Végétal
Almagest!_ Fun House Mirrors
David Byrne_ American Utopia
Albert Hammond Jr._ Francis Trouble
Zoe¨ Mc Pherson_ String Figures
Tonaliens_ Tonaliens
Men, the_ Drift
Taylor Deupree_ Fallen
Marc Sarrazy + Laurent Rochelle_ Chansons pour l’oreille gauche
Mamuthones_ Fear On The Corner
Suuns_ Felt
kutin + kindlinger_ Decomposition IV
Bodega_ How Did This Happen ?!
Holly Miranda_ Mutual Horse
Haarvöl_ The Oblivion's Wordless Knot
Graham Coxon_ The End Of The Fucking World Ori...
Go Kart Mozart_ Mozart Estate Present Go-Kart Mo...
Fischerspooner_ Sir
El Perro del Mar_ We Are History
Dub Tractor_ Discrete Recordings
Maurizio Abate_ Standing Waters
Mèsico_ Pure and Shining
Dives_ Tomorrow (single)
Chrysta Bell_ Chrysta Bell EP
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages_ Soul Flowers of Titan
Amaya Laucirica_ Rituals
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto_ Glass
Le Faux Ensemble_ Double Bind
6 String Drag_ Top Of The World
Jochen Arbeit + Paolo Spaccamonti_ CLN
Breeders_ All Nerve
Deer (Mx)_ Portraits
Un Âne Gonflable_ Un Âne Gonflable
Jozef Dumoulin + Orca Noise Unit_ A Beginner's Guide To Diving And...
E Ruscha V_ Who Are You
Iannis Xenakis_ Persepolis
Creta_ Creta
Ange`le David-Guillou_ Mouvements Organiques
Chris Connelly_ Further Days
Chris Connelly_ The Tide Stripped Bare
PJ Harvey + Harry Escott_ An Acre Of Land
Laurie Anderson + Kronos Quartet_ Landfall
My Dear Killer_ The Cold Plan
This Is Where_ This Is Where
zK_ Last Night
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project_ August 53rd
Yann Novak_ The Future is a Forward Escape I...
Peter Astor_ One for the Ghost
DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess_ Psalm Tree
Zenjungle_ Fragmented Lives
Mark Renner_ Few Traces
Aaron Spectre_ Roots We Seek
U.S. Girls_ In A Poem Unlimited
Heal_ Espace d’incertitude
East Man_ Red, White & Zero
Belle & Sebastian_ How To Solve Our Human Problems ...
Son Lux_ Brighter Wounds
Ride_ Tomorrow`s Shore EP
Ruby Boots_ Don't Talk About It
Paul Luc_ Bad Seed
Joan As Police Woman_ Damned Devotion
Franz Ferdinand_ Always Ascending
Field Music_ Open Here
Efrim Manuel Menuck_ Pissing Stars
Divine Comedy_ Loose Canon (Live In Europe 2016...
B.Fleischmann_ Stop Making Fans
Alela Diane_ Cusp
Rutger Zuydervelt + Ilia Beloruk..._ The Red Soul
Andy Backhouse_ A Sonic Map Of Dornoch
MGMT_ Little Dark Age
Quatuor Diotima_ Reinhold Friedl
Palmbomen II_ Memories of Cindy
Monochrome Set_ Maisieworld
Mathias Delplanque_ Te´moins
Shuttle358_ Field
Complainer, the_ Sentimental? No, sentimental
Mortalcombat_ Vacances en France
Vários_ Rebuilding l'Alt Emporda`
Langham Research Centre_ Tape Works Vol.1
Helado Negro_ Island Universe Story Four
Kevin Morby + Waxahatchee_ Farewell Transmission / The Dark...
Z?ibuokle? Martinaityte?_ Horizons
Nils Frahm_ All Melody
Jean-Luc Guionnet + Daichi Yoshi..._ Intervivos
Django Django_ Marble Skies
Christian Kleine_ Electronic Music From The Lost W...
Calexico_ The Thread That Keeps Us
Jaap Blonk + Terrie Ex_ Thirsty Ears
Marsmobil_ Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor
Dirtmusic_ Bu Bir Ruya
No Age_ Snares Like A Haircut
DJ Taye_ Get It Jukin feat Chuck Inglish
Autunna Et Sa Rose_ Entrelacs Du Rêve
Peter J. Birch_ The Inner Anxiety
????_ Sekundenschlaf
Ty Segall_ Freedom's Goblin
They Might Be Giants_ I Like Fun
Shins, the_ The Worm`s Heart
Limiñanas_ Shadow People
Legendary Tiger Man, the_ Misfit
Meat Beat Manifesto_ Impossible Star
Benjamin Schoos_ All Night Every Night (single)
Belle & Sebastian_ How To Solve Our Human Problems ...
Noone_ How Doth The Little Crocodile Im...
Ken Karter_ Plaisir
Aidan Baker + Gareth Davis_ Invisible Cities
Schlammpeitziger_ Damenbartblick auf Pregnant Hill
Arcade Fire, the_ 23|4: Campo Pequeno, Lisboa
Rodrigo Leão_ 28|4: Theatro Circo, Braga
Hauschka_ 28|4: Theatro Circo, Braga
Angel Olsen_ 13|5: CCVF, Guimarães
Jesus & Mary Chain_ 28|5: Coliseu, Lisboa
Jesus & Mary Chain_ 29|5: Casa da Música, Porto
Julie Byrne_ 16|6: GNRation, Braga
Peter Broderick_ 25|6: GNRation, Braga
Chemical Brothers_ 29|6: Rock In Rio, Lisboa
Nine Inch Nails_ 12|7: Alive, Lisboa
Arctic Monkeys_ 12|7: Alive, Lisboa
Minta & The Brook Trout_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Queens Of The Stone Age_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Portugal. The Man_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
CHVRCHES_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Yo La Tengo_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Future Islands_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
National, the_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Alice In Chains_ 14|7: Alive, Lisboa
MGMT_ 14|7: Alive, Lisboa
Franz Ferdinand_ 14|7: Alive, Lisboa
Perfume Genius_ 14|7: Alive, Lisboa
Real Estate_ 14|7: Alive, Lisboa
Torres_ 19|7: SBSR, Lisboa
XX, the_ 19|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Yann Tiersen_ 28|7: Festival Groove, Braga
Fleet Foxes_ 16|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
And You Will Know Us By The Trai..._ 17|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Arcade Fire, the_ 18|8: Festival Paredes de Coura