Elio Martusciello
Digital, 2018 EM Music

O italiano Elio Martuciello é músico, mas também professor de música electrónica e electroacústica no Conservatório de Nápoles. Já colaborou com um rol respeitável de músicos, em edições conjuntas, mas a solo «Incise» é o seu 4º álbum. [++]

Aphex Twin
Collapse EP
Digital, Warp
Who Do You Love
Digital, Fysisk Format
Ben Chatwin
Drone Signals
Digital, Village Green
This Is the Sound
Digital, Tapete Records
The Room
Digital, Altin Village and Mine
Drawings of Desire and Hate
Digital, Ous
Double Negative
Digital, Sub Pop
States of Minds
Digital, Hubro
Nest, the
Digital, Altin Village and Mine
Digital, Buh Records
Unconquered 2008-2018 (10t...
Digital, Midira
Streifenjunko_ Like Driving
Koray Kantarcioglu_ Loopworks
Moon Relay_ IMI
Arca (FR)_ Forces
Peter Zirbs_ What If We Don't Exist?
Flak_ Cidade Fantástica
Daniela Orvin_ Home
UUUU_ s/t
Old Jerusalem_ Chapels
Palas_ Dente de Leão
Golden Oriole_ Golden Oriole II
Mike Cooper_ Tropical Gothic
Håvard Volden_ Space Happy
Grupo San Francisko de Assis_ Donde Esta El Kamino
Kristin Hersh_ Possible Dust Clouds
47 de Fevereiro_ Luta Pela Manutenção
Blank Nurse/No Light_ HIV 1994
Grand Sun_ The Plastic People of the Universe
Jonas Kasper Jensen_ Within The Temporal Experience
Vários_ Notes from the Underground: Expe...
Jlin_ Autobiography
Andrea Neumann + Mads Emil Nielsen_ Refound
Tashi Wada + Yoshi Wada + Friends_ Nue (FRKWYS Vol. 14)
Unhappybirthday_ Schaum
Slow Sliders_ Glissade Tranquille
Audrey Chen_ Runt Vigor
Giulio Aldinucci_ Disappearing In A Mirror
Rimarimba_ The Rimarimba Collection
Huggs_ Did I Cut These Too Short?
Bill Thompson_ Mouthful of Silence
Soft People_ I Saw The Moon!
Tajak_ Ciclos
Aphex Twin_ Collapse EP
Ben Chatwin_ Drone Signals
Downpilot_ This Is the Sound
Rothenberg + Hein + Tammen_ Bird Saw Buchla
Fenster_ The Room
Stella Chiweshe_ Kasahwa: Early Singles
Thisquietarmy_ Unconquered 2008-2018 (10th Anni...
Furtherset_ Drawings of Desire and Hate
Low_ Double Negative
Anders Vestergaard + Finn Loxbo_ I’m fine with the swirling colors
Nest, the_ 1977
Spiritualized_ And Nothing Hurt
Årabrot_ Who Do You Love
Vanessa Tomlinson_ The Inside Space
iTAL tEK_ Bodied
Catherine Christer Hennix_ Selected Early Keyboard Works
Siavash Amini_ FORAS
Olivia Block_ 132 Ranks
Oliver Coates_ Shelley’s on Zenn-La
Julia Reidy_ Beholder
Møster!_ States of Minds
Bit-Tuner_ Arabian Nights
Map 71_ Void Axis
Rudolf Eb.er_ Om Kult: Ritual Practice of Cons...
Konstrukt + Keiji Haino_ A Philosophy Warping, Little By ...
Kajsa Lindgren_ Distorted Worlds (w/ Stefan Helm...
Moskus_ Mirakler
Helios_ Veriditas
Andreas Lutz_ Binary Supremacy
Roads at Night_ Seb-i Yelda
Ingar Zach + Speak Percussion_ Before Nightfall One
Sonae_ Wearing Black Remixes
Shannon McArdle_ A Touch Of Class
Joyfultalk_ Plurality Trip
Iron & Wine_ Weed Garden
Anna Calvi_ Hunter
Automatisme_ Transit
Nils Frahm_ Encores 1
Tunng_ Songs You Make At Night
SOPHIE_ Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides
Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub_ Earthly Powers
Ólafur Arnalds_ Re:Member
Mitski_ Be the Cowboy
Lead Into Gold_ The Sun Behind the Sun
Elephant (2)_ 88
Dntel_ Hate In My Heart
Animal Collective_ Tangerine Reef
Yair Etziony_ As Above So Below
Emma Russack + Lachlan Denton_ Keep On Trying
Death Cab For Cutie_ Thank You For Today
D+_ Destroy Before Listening
Xavier Charles + Jacques di Donato_ Ilex
Merope_ Naktes
Trondheim Voices + Asle Karstad_ Rooms & Rituals
Ekin Fil_ Maps
Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans_ Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans
Hilde Marie Holsen_ Lazuli
Celer_ Nacreous Clouds [10th anniversar...
Necks, the_ Body
Steve Hauschildt_ Dissolvi
Chris Parmenidis_ 8B5C3B++
Aux Field_ Square Landscapes
Nicolas Wiese_ Unrelated
Underworld + Iggy Pop_ Teatime Dub Encounters
Oneohtrix Point Never_ The Station
Daunik Lazro + Dominique Répécau..._ Actions soniques
Radical Face_ Covers, Volume 1: Lady Covers
FORMA_ Semblance
Liars_ 11 (OST)
Beach House_ 26|9: Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Porto
Anna Calvi_ 19|10: Hard Club, Porto
Anna Calvi_ 20|10: Capitólio, Lisboa
Kronos Quartet_ 30|10: Theatro Circo, Braga
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