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Marielle V Jakobsons
Star Core
Digital, 2016 Thrill Jockey

É em círculos minimalistas, com cornucópias desenhadas em movimentos lentos e filigranas esculpidas com gravidade zero que se desenham as seis canções planantes do novo disco de Marielle V Jackobsons. [++]

Digital, Offset Records
Elephant Stone
Ship Of Fools
Digital, Elephants On Parade
Library Tapes
Europe, She Loves
Digital, Ed. Autor
Mark Harris & John 3:16
Victory Over the Sun
Digital, Little Crackd Rabbit
On Dark Silent Off
Digital, Thrill Jockey
Sixth Minor
CD, Megaphone
Liquid Peace EP
CD, Ed. Autor
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Sven Kacirek
The Kenya Encores
Digital, Pingipung
Trupa Trupa
Digital, Ici D'Ailleurs
White Glue
Digital, MemeTune Recordings
Sendai_ Ground and Figure
Paul Wirkus_ Discours amoureux
Super Heavy Metal_ Music For Cymbals
Asamisimasa_ Sound of Horse (music of Laurenc...
Simon Goff_ HUE
Svarte Greiner_ Moss Garden
Otso_ Dendermonde
Takamovsky_ Sonic Counterpoint
Spaceheads_ Laughing Water
Other Houses_ Fabulous Dates
Urban Homes_ Jams
John Cage_ Complete Song Books (by Reinhold...
Eli Keszler_ Last Signs Of Speed
Keiko Shichijo_ Komitas Vardapet: Six Dances
Ghédalia Tazartès, Pawel Romancz..._ Carp's Head
Oren Ambarchi_ Hubris
DJ Taye_ Move Out
J.G. Biberkopf_ Ecologies II: Ecosystems Of Excess
Adrian Corker_ The Have-Nots OST
Use, the feat. Rachel Mason & Bl..._ On My Deathbed
HEXA_ Factory Photographs
Lars Graugaard & Moritz Baumga¨r..._ What Actually Happened
Andrew Pekler_ Tristes Tropiques
A. K. Klosowski_ ...Plays the Kassetteninstrument
neoN_ ensemble neoN
Strange Walls, The_ Won't Last
OKZharp & Manthe Ribane_ Tell Your Vision EP
Jung An Tagen_ Das Fest Der Reichen
Radian_ On Dark Silent Off
Reinier Van Houdt_ Paths Of The Errant Gaze
Moon Relay_ Full Stop Etc
Sven Kacirek_ The Kenya Encores
Kilwater_ Kilwater
Mark Harris & John 3:16_ Victory Over the Sun
Geir Sundstøl_ Langen Ro
Toy_ Clear Shot
Barberos_ Barberos
Trupa Trupa_ Headache
Soojin Anjou, Askat Jetigen & Ro..._ Gletschermusik
Subverter_ Dark Matter Tuxedo
Marvel Lima_ Marvel Lima
Motorama_ Dialogues
Christopher Chaplin_ Je suis le Te´ne´breux
Wayne Graham_ Mexico
Goat_ Requiem
Notwist_ Superheroes, Ghostvillains And S...
Helado Negro_ Private Energy
Ariel Guzik_ Cordiox
Rodrigo Lea~o and Scott Matthew_ Life Is Long
Kutin Kindlinger Kubisch_ Decomposition I-III
Faint, the_ Capsule 1999-2016
Chris Cobilis with Kenneth Golds..._ This Is You
Mike Doughty_ The Heart Watches While The Brai...
Flat Five_ It's a World of Love and Hope
Leonard Cohen_ You Want it Darker
Molnbär av John_ The End
Lanks_ Viet Rose EP
Fábio Caramuru_ EcoMúsica: Conversas de um piano...
Smartini_ Liquid Peace EP
Jana Irmert_ End of Absence
Soft Grid_ Corolla
Christian Kjellvander_ A Village: Natural Light
Kuedo_ Slow Knife
Sixth Minor_ Amygdalae
New Composers_ Sputnik Of Life EP
Tamtam_ Urban Dialog
Ply_ Sans cesse
Caretaker, the_ Everywhere At The End Of Time
Resina_ Resina
Pixies_ Head Carrier
Nicolas Jaar_ Nymphs (2011-15)
Gran_ Nazzle
N.M.O._ Nordic Mediterranean Organizatio...
Monkey Plot_ Here I Sit Knowing All of This
Marissa Nadler_ Bury Your Name
Marianne Faithfull_ No Exit
Library Tapes_ Europe, She Loves
Kult Kyss_ Get Up Boy (single)
Mind Monogram_ AM In the PM
Sweet Release of Death, the_ The Sweet Release of Death
Shape Worship_ A City Rewritten
Ingar Zach_ Le Stanze
Kim Myhr_ Bloom
Yann Tiersen_ Eusa
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions_ Let Me Get There (single)
Christian Wallumrød Ensemble_ Kurzsam and Fulger
Devendra Banhart_ Ape In Pink Marble
Bon Iver_ 22, A Million
Terrakota_ Oxalá
Old Yellow Jack_ Cut Corners
Noiserv_ 00:00:00:00
Joana Barra Vaz_ Mergulho Em Loba
Thisell_ II
MKM_ White Album
Khompa_ The Shape Of Drums To Come
J&L Defer_ No Map
Swans_ The Glowing Man
Vários_ Underground French Pop: The Soun...
Lustmord_ Dark Matter
Jenny Hval_ Blood Bitch
Adam Carpet_ Parabolas
Jemh Circs_ Jemh Circs
Jason Sharp_ A Boat Upon Its Blood
Automatisme_ Momentform Accumulations
Blonde Redhead_ Masculin Féminin
Felix Kubin und das Mineralorche..._ Music for Film and Theatre
Matt Christensen_ Honeymoons
Off World_ 1
Painkiller_ Execution Ground [reissue]
Bruno Pernadas_ Worst Summer Ever
Soccer 96_ As Above So Below
Bronzed Chorus, the_ Summering
Zenith_ Zenith (reissue)
Bruno Pernadas_ Those who throw objects at the c...
Bertoni Boccardi Mongardi_ Litio
Wrangler_ White Glue
Manuel Knapp_ Azoth
El Perro del Mar_ Kokoro
Elephant Stone_ Ship Of Fools
Léonore Boulanger_ Feigen Feigen
You Can`t Win Charlie Brown_ Marrow
Warpaint_ Heads Up
Monochrome Set_ Cosmonaut
Teenage Fanclub_ Here
James O’Callaghan_ Espaces tautologiques
Gintas K_ Low
Alek Rein_ Mirror Lane
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne ..._ Sunergy
Preoccupations_ Preoccupations
Woven Hand_ Star Treatment
Thomas Brinkmann_ A 1000 Keys
Chris Stalcup & The Grange_ Downhearted Fools
Massimo Discepoli & Daniel Barbiero_ An Eclipse of Images
Vitor Joaquim_ Geography
No Mask Effect_ Nothing Out There
Self Defense Family_ Colicky EP
Natalie Beridze_ Love is Winning EP
Cut Worms_ Lumbar Fist
Wilco_ Schmilco
Thalia Zedek_ Eve
Teruyuki Nobuchika_ Still Air
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds_ Skeleton Tree
King Creosote_ Astronaut Meets Appleman
Divine Comedy_ Foreverland (Deluxe Edition)
Death In Vegas_ Transmission
Årabrot_ The Gospel
Gudrun Gut_ Vogelmixe
Paul Wirkus_ Carmen et Error
Mike & Rich_ Expert Knob Twiddlers [reissue]
Eluvium_ False Readings On
Zomby_ Ultra
Piano Wire_ Get a Life / All Roads Lead To God
Royal Hounds, the_ Poker All Night Long
Avalanches, the_ Wildflower
Skadedyr_ Culturen
Album Leaf, the_ Between Waves
Shearwater_ Shearwater Plays Lodger
Self-Evident_ The Traveler
Pye Corner Audio_ Stasis
Of Montreal_ Innocence Reaches
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis_ Hell Or High Water
Marielle V Jakobsons_ Star Core
Lydia Loveless_ Real
Lush_ Origami
Great Waitress_ Hue
Emma Russack_ In A New State
Cass McCombs_ Mangy Love
Ólafur Arnalds_ Island Songs
Building Instrument_ Kem Som Kan A~ Leve
Bly de Blyant_ The Third Bly de Blyant Album
Blaney_ Urban Nature
Gonjasufi_ Callus
Scott Walker_ The Childhood of a Leader (Origi...
By The Waterhole_ Two
Bethan Kellough_ Aven
John Chantler_ Which Way to Leave?
Kemper Norton_ Toll
65daysofstatic_ 26|10: Hard Club, Porto
Andy Stott_ 28|10: SEMIBREVE, Braga
Jonathan Uliel Saldanha_ 29|10: SEMIBREVE, Braga
Christina Vantzou_ 29|10: SEMIBREVE, Braga
Laurel Halo_ 29|10: SEMIBREVE, Braga
Peter Broderick_ 2|11: Teatro Aveirense, Aveiro
Cass McCombs_ 3|11: Cinema S. Jorge, Lisboa
Peter Broderick_ 3|11: Casa da Música, Porto
Kills, the_ 4|11: Hard Club, Porto
Peter Broderick_ 4|11: CCB, Lisboa
Rodrigo Lea~o and Scott Matthew_ 4|11: Coliseu, Porto
Rodrigo Lea~o and Scott Matthew_ 6|11: Coliseu, Lisboa
Andrew Bird_ 8|11: Casa da Música, Porto
Rodrigo Lea~o and Scott Matthew_ 9|11: Convento S. Francisco, Coimbra
Andrew Bird_ 9|11: CCB, Lisboa
Sarah Neufeld_ 12|11: GNRation, Braga
Rodrigo Lea~o and Scott Matthew_ 13|11: Teatro Louletano, Loulé
Sarah Neufeld_ 14|11: MusicBox, Lisboa
Pixies_ 21|11: Coliseu, Porto
Cure, the_ 22|11: Meo Arena, Lisboa
Howe Gelb_ 25|11: Mexefest, Lisboa
Norberto Lobo_ 25|11: GNRation, Braga
Whitney_ 25|11: Mexefest, Lisboa
Kevin Morby_ 25|11: Mexefest, Lisboa
Bruno Pernadas_ 25|11: Mexefest, Lisboa
Amen Dunes_ 25|11: Plataforma das Artes, Guimarães
Julianna Barwick_ 28|11: GNRation, Braga
Julianna Barwick_ 29|11: Teatro da Trindade, Lisboa
Divine Comedy_ 3|2: Theatro Circo, Braga
Divine Comedy_ 4|2: Tivoli, Lisboa
Ute Lemper_ 17|3: CCB, Lisboa
Ute Lemper_ 18|3: Casa da Música, Porto