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Grupo: Gothic Archies
Título: The Tragic Treasury
Ano: 2006
Editora: Nonesuch
Formato: CD

Temas   Book One-The Bad Beginning: "Scream and Run Away"
Book Two-The Reptile Room: "In the Reptile Room"
Book Three-The Wide Window: "The World is a Very Scary Place"
Book Four-The Miserable Mill: "Dreary, Dreary"
Book Five-The Austere Academy: "When You Play the Violin"
Book Six-The Ersatz Elevator: "This Abyss"
Book Seven-The Vile Village: "Crows"
Book Eight-The Hostile Hospital: "Smile! No One Cares How You Feel"
Book Nine-The Carnivorous Carnival : "Freakshow"
Book Ten-The Slippery Slope: "How Do You Slow This Thing Down?"
Book Eleven-The Grim Grotto: "A Million Mushrooms"
Book Twelve-The Penultimate Peril: "Things Are Not What They Appear"
Book Thirteen-The End: "Shipwrecked"
"Walking My Gargoyle" (original song from The Carnivorous Carnival)
"We Are the Gothic Archies" (bonus track inspired by the series)
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