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Grupo: Twocsinak + DJ Sarah Wilson
Título: Jesus Is A Brave Little Toaster
Ano: 2007
Editora: Wrong Music
Formato: CD

Temas   1. The First Thing I Did After Buying Your Record Was Spill A Mug Of Decaff On It
a. Sick Helicopters (Stereo Yo)
2. Janek Schaefer's Shaver
3. Nicholas (Nicole, GM)
4. Definitely One Of My Favourite Sweets (Suite)
b. Everyone Hates Beardy Maiof
5. Approximate Ribonucleic Matching Yields Operatives For Military Endeavour
6. Sooner Or Later Everything Will Malfunction Again
7, c. Badly Glued Thing, No Home For A Gun
8. Bleak War? Break Law
9. This Is Exactly What The Velvet Underground Should Have Sounded Like
10. Song Using Sleeve Notes
11. One Thirty-One Precisely
12. Welcome All Shoppers To The 24-Hour Garage Bootleg (Reminding Me Of The Reasons Why I Left My Job With The Royal Mail)
d. The Varicose Miss
13. I Know I Have No Input
e. Tiger Cub
14. How Beyoncé Became Pop's Teen Queen Became Na Embarrassing Tribute To Twocsinak By Team Brick
15. I Stopped Eating Chips And Lost 200 Pounds
16. It Must Be To Keep My So
f. Faulty Hip Tour
17. Putting Her To Bed (Neatly Remade)
18. Antishock Toe Warts Grade 3 Sight-Reading Test
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