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Grupo: Robert Forster
Título: I Had A New York Girlfriend
Ano: 1994
Editora: Beggars Banquet
Formato: CD


Nature's Way
Broken Hearted People
Echo Beach
Tell Me That It Isn't True
Locked Away
Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
Frisco Depot
3 AM

Nature's Way written by Randy California
originally performed by Spirit on the album The Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus (Epic, 1970)
Broken Hearted People written by Guy Clark
originally performed by Guy Clark on the album Texas Cookin' (RCA, 1976)
Echo Beach written by Mark Gane
originally performed by Martha And The Muffins on the album Metro Music (Dindisc, 1979)
Tell Me That It Isn't True written by Bob Dylan
originally performed by Bob Dylan on the album Nashville Skyline (Columbia, 1969)
2541 written by Grant Hart
originally performed by Grant Hart on the single 2541 (SST, 1989) and the album Intolerance (SST, 1989)
Anytime written by Ricky Nelson
originally released on the Rick Nelson album Rick Sings Nelson (Decca, 1970)
Locked Away written by Keith Richards and Steve Jordan
originally released on the Keith Richards album Talk Is Cheap (Virgin, 1988)
Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow written by Neil Diamond
originally performed by The Monkees on the album More Of The Monkees (Colgems, 1967)
Alone written by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg
originally performed by Heart on the album Bad Animals (Capitol, 1987)
Bird written by Michael Hansonis
originally performed by King Candy on the single White Skin (Take Me To The Sea) (Chlodwig, 1993)
Frisco Depot written by Mickey Newbury
originally performed by Mickey Newbury on the album Frisco Mabel Joy (Elektra, 1971)
3 AM written by Bill Anderson and Jerry Todd
originally performed by Bill Anderson on the album The Bill Anderson Showcase (Decca, 1964)

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