Moon Relay
Digital, 2018 Hubro

O 2º álbum para a Hubro dos noruegueses Moon Relay, a 4ª edição desde que iniciaram as suas deambulações musicais, é um disco excitante, que refina o muito que já existia, em forma de promesssa, no anterior «Full Stop Etc». [++]

Cherry Glazerr
Stuffed & Ready
Digital, Secretly Canadian
Chris Connelly
Digital, Armalyte Industries
Dead Can Dance
Digital, Play It Again Sam
Demdike Stare
Digital, Modern Love
Guy Van Nueten
Digital, Bolli Records
J Mascis
Elastic Days
Digital, Sub Pop
Marianne Faithfull
Negative Capability [Delux...
Digital, Panta Rei
Mick Harvey + Christop...
The Fall And Rise Of Edgar...
Digital, Mute
Peter Broderick
Two Balloons EP
Digital, Erased Tapes
Reinier Van Houdt
Igitur Carbon Copies
Digital, Hallow Ground
Sufjan Stevens
Lonely Man Of Winter
Digital, Asthmatic Kitty
Thom Yorke
Digital, XL
Tomasz Bednarczyk
Illustrations For Those Who
Digital, Room40
Vegetable Orchestra
Green Album
Digital, Transacoustic Research
W.W. Lowman
This Form
Digital, Ed. Autor
Wojciech Kucharczyk
URAN URAN (original theatr...
Digital, Mik.Musik.!.
World, the
Digital, Kythibong
Yoko Ono
Digital, Chimera
Cherry Glazerr_ Stuffed & Ready
BELP_ Crocodile
Bejamin Finger, James Plotkin + ..._ Pleasure-Voltage
Building Instrument_ Mangelen Min
Ellen Fullman + Okkyung Lee_ The Air Around Her
Refree_ La Otra Mitad
Gudrun Gut_ Moment
Cæcilie Overgaard_ There Is A Home
Andreas Oskar Hirsch_ Early Carbophonics
Sonic Jesus_ Memories
Merzbow_ MONOAkuma
Bloom Offering_ Episodes
Jan Nemecek_ Recurrences
Jibóia_ OOOO
Hanno Leichtmann_ Nouvelle Aventure
Klaus Holm Ellerhusen + David St..._ Dayton's Bluff
Erik Griswold_ Erik Griswold
Kim Myhr + Quatuor Bozzini + Car..._ pressing clouds passing crowds
Lars From Mars_ Oh Happy Man
Lionel Marchetti & Cat Hope_ The Last Days Of Reality
Oren Ambarchi + Jim O`Rourke_ [w/ special guest U-Zhaan) Hence
Amp_ Entangled Time
N + [ B O L T ]_ (Nameless Release)
SARRAM_ Four Movements of a Shade
Giulio Aldinucci + The Star Pillow_ Hidden
Spill_ Stereo
Mick Harvey + Christopher Richar..._ The Fall And Rise Of Edgar Bourc...
Tresque_ Aindanão EP
Vegetable Orchestra_ Green Album
Romperayo_ Que Jue?
Reinier Van Houdt_ Igitur Carbon Copies
PLYXY_ Gloryland
Nazar_ Enclave
Muqata`a_ Inkanakuntu
World, the_ Nights
Tomasz Bednarczyk_ Illustrations For Those Who
W.W. Lowman_ This Form
Chris Connelly_ Bloodhounds
J Mascis_ Elastic Days
Peter Broderick_ Two Balloons EP
Sufjan Stevens_ Lonely Man Of Winter
INRA_ The Content Consuming Its Form
Julien Bayle_ Violent Grains of Silence
Ligovskoï_ Esam
Julia Holter_ Aviary
Fofoulah_ Daega Rek
Public Memory_ Demolition
Lena Hessels_ BILLOW
Michele Mercure_ Beside Herself
Vários_ Unusual Sounds_ The Hidden Histo...
Adam Basanta_ Intricate Connections Formed Wit...
Vessel (Bristol)_ Queen of Golden Dogs
Chris Garneau_ Yours
Rivulets_ In Our Cicle
Guy Van Nueten_ Contact
Wojciech Kucharczyk_ URAN URAN (original theatre pict...
Rodrigo Leão_ O Aniversário
Maureen Tucker_ I'm Sticking With You: An Introd...
Michele Marini OrganicTrio_ Quintauro
Le Butcherettes_ strong/ENOUGH
Kelly Pardekooper_ 50 Weigh
Ian William Craig_ Thresholder
Rudolf Eb.er_ Om Kult: Ritual Practice of Cons...
Dead Can Dance_ Dionysus
Colin Stetson_ The First Original Soundtrack Vo...
Cave_ Allways
Caracas_ Ghost Tracks
Azure Ray_ Waves EP
Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi + Deaf..._ The Velocity Of Velocities
Marianne Faithfull_ Negative Capability [Deluxe Vers...
Martin Ptak_ River Tales
Paula Rae Gibson + Kit Downes_ Emotion Machine
Colin Self_ Siblings
Streifenjunko_ Like Driving
Akio Suzuki + Aki Onda_ KE I TE KI
Natascha Gangl + Rdeca Raketa_ Chicken / Die Toten
Vários_ Historische Aufnahmen: Historica...
Zeno van den Broek + Gagi Petrovic_ Ob-Literate
Jessica Sligter + Wilbert Bulsink_ Untitled #2 (The Mute)
Chromatics_ Camera EP
Kalaha_ Mama Ngoma
Raoul Sinier_ Death, Love & Despair
Maze + Lindholm_ Where The Wolf Has Been Seen
Jasmine Guffond_ Degradation Loops
Thom Yorke_ Suspiria
Dean Wareham + Cheval Sombre_ Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre
Laura Gibson_ Goners
Book of Air_ SE (IN) DE BOS
Demdike Stare_ Passion
Micah P. Hinson_ When I Shoot At You With Arrows,...
Public Service Broadcasting_ White Star Liner
Sone Institute_ Past and Spared
Sone Institute_ Where Moth and Rust Consume
Christian Kjellvander_ Wild Hxmans
Satoshi Takeishi_ Fragments
Jan Wagner_ Nummern
David Berezan_ Cycle nautique
Ty Segall_ Fudge Sandwich
Koray Kantarcioglu_ Loopworks
Heather Leigh_ Throne
Adam Stanovic_ Ténébrisme
Katharina Ernst_ Extrametric
Geir Sundstøl_ Brødløs
Daniela Orvin_ Home
Flak_ Cidade Fantástica
Peter Zirbs_ What If We Don't Exist?
Aviva Endean_ cinder : ember : ashes
Yoko Ono_ Warzone
Peter Bjorn & John_ Darker Days
Alex Gavaghan & The Boss Jockeys_ Wool Behaviours
Residents_ Intruders
J.H. Guraj_ Steadfast on our Sand
Brigitte Fontaine + Areski Belkacem_ Vous Et Nous
Binidu_ Nouvel Ancient
Geneva Skeen_ A Parallel Array Of Horses
Deer (Mx)_ Portraits Remixed
Arca (FR)_ Forces
Moon Relay_ IMI
Cloud Nothings_ Last Building Burning
Geotic_ Traversa
Exploded View_ Obey
Geins`t Nait + Laurent Petitgand_ Make Dogs Sing
Tim Hecker_ Konoyo
Anna St. Louis_ If Only There Was A River
Maxim_ Sunny Sunday Morning
Paper Kites_ On The Corner Where You Live
Men They Couldn`t Hang_ Cock-A-Hoop
Stereolab_ Switched On Volumes 1-3
Sluff_ On Debris
Shohei Amimori_ PataMusic
ruzaw_ wybrane utwory otaczajace
Pop Will Eat Itself_ Def Comms 86-18
Piotr Poloz_ 1 Drop of Autumn
ooNDooD_ Piano Album You Were Never Ready...
Mudhoney_ Digital Garbage
Mount Eerie_ (After)
Molly Burch_ First Flower
Mattin_ Songbook #7
Kosmose_ First Time Out
Klara Lewis + Simon Fisher Turner_ Care
John Grant_ Love Is Magic
Jeff Buckley_ Dreams Of The Way We Were: Live ...
Isabel Latorre + Edu Comelles_ For Pauline
Echo & The Bunnymen_ The Stars, The Oceans And The Moon
Cults_ Motels
Bonaventure_ Mentor
Antoine Chessex_ Subjectivation
8rolek_ 78_4?-?1?-?8?)?time_bending
Monique Jean_ Troubles
Tamtam_ Rheingold
Peaking Lights_ Sea Of Sand
Saint Etienne_ Surrey
Current 93_ The Light Is Leaving Us All
Phoenician Drive_ Phoenician Drive
UUUU_ s/t
Benjamin Schoos_ Quand la nuit tombe sur l’orches...
Philip Corner_ EXTREEMIZMS early & late
Palas_ Dente de Leão
Feldermelder_ The Sound Of
Keisuke Matsuno, Moritz Baumga¨r..._ Crush
Old Jerusalem_ Chapels
Charalambides_ Tom And Christina Carter
Primal Scream_ Give Out But Don't Give Up The O...
M. Geddes Gengras_ Light Pipe
Django Django_ Winter's Beach
Dodos_ Certainty Waves
Kurt Vile_ Bottle It In
Tess Parks + Anton Newcombe_ Tess Parks And Anton Newcombe
Club Cactus_ Club Cactus
Fabiola_ Check My Spleen
Ike Yard_ Rejoy
Golden Oriole_ Golden Oriole II
47 de Fevereiro_ Luta Pela Manutenção
Håvard Volden_ Space Happy
Attilio Novellino_ A Conscious Effort
Grupo San Francisko de Assis_ Donde Esta El Kamino
Mike Cooper_ Tropical Gothic
CUTS_ Slow Decay
Blank Nurse/No Light_ HIV 1994
Cat Power_ Wanderer
Scanner_ Mass Observation (Expanded)
Kristin Hersh_ Possible Dust Clouds
Snack Family_ Bunny
Microfeel_ Algorythm
Jean C. Roché_ Birds of Venezuela
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds_ Distant Sky - Live in Copenhagen
Mini Mansions_ Works Every Time
Marissa Nadler_ For My Crimes
Cave Story_ Punk Academics
alt-J_ Reduxer
Vários_ Notes from the Underground: Expe...
Grand Sun_ The Plastic People of the Universe
Andrea Neumann + Mads Emil Nielsen_ Refound
Tashi Wada + Yoshi Wada + Friends_ Nue (FRKWYS Vol. 14)
Jonas Kasper Jensen_ Within The Temporal Experience
Jlin_ Autobiography
E_ Negative Work
Ricardo Dias Gomes_ Aa
Thalia Zedek_ Fighting Season
Son Lux_ Yesterday's Wake EP
Mull Historical Society_ Wakelines
Liars_ Titles With The Word Fountain [T...
Elysian Fields_ Elysian Fields
Yves Tumor_ Safe In The Hands Of Love
Villagers_ The Art Of Pretending To Swim
Suede_ The Blue Hour
Motorama_ Many Nights
Pharaoh Chromium_ Jean Genet: Quatre heures à Chatila
Paul McCartney_ Egypt Station
Unhappybirthday_ Schaum
Slow Sliders_ Glissade Tranquille
Jóhann Jóhannsson_ Mandy
Jana Winderen_ Spring Bloom in the Marginal Ice...
Haarvöl_ Peripherad Debris
Future Generations_ Landscape
Fucked Up_ Dose Your Dreams
eRikm_ Mistpouffers
Darren Copeland_ Situations superposées
Benjamin Francis Leftwich_ I Am With You EP
Beak>_ Beak>>>
Alistair MacDonald_ Cabinets de curiosité
Alexander Tucker_ Don't Look Away
A°ke Parmerud_ Grains
Caretaker, the_ Everywhere At The End Of Time - ...
Audrey Chen_ Runt Vigor
Rimarimba_ The Rimarimba Collection
Giulio Aldinucci_ Disappearing In A Mirror
Huggs_ Did I Cut These Too Short?