Ekin Fil
Ghosts Inside
Digital, 2017 Helen Scarsdale Agency

A tristeza e a melancolia são o principal combustível de «Ghosts Inside», o disco novo de Ekin Fil, já o sexto em apenas quatro anos. [++]

Clientele, the
Music for the Age of Miracles
Digital, Tapete Records
Gabriel Saloman
Movement Building Vol. 3
Digital, Shelter Press
Grandfather`s House
CD, Ed. Autor
Keisuke Matsuno, Morit...
Digital, Clang
Digital, Ici D'Ailleurs
Sum Of R
Digital, Czar Of Revelations
Time For T
Hope Something Anything
Digital, Last Train Records
Favourite Ghost
CD, Ed. Autor
Monika Werkstatt Remixes -...
Digital, Monika Enterprise
Will Samson
Welcome Oxygen
CD, Talitres
Adrian Corker + Jack Wyllie_ Adrian Corker Jack Wyllie
Pauline Anna Strom_ Trans-Millenia Music
Spaceheads_ A New World In Our Hearts
John Chantler + Steve Noble + Se..._ Front and Above
Trupa Trupa_ Jolly New Songs
Martin Carr_ New Shapes Of Life
SAVAK_ Cut-Ups
Audiac_ So Waltz
Sugai Ken_ UkabazUmorezU
Lee Gamble_ Mnestic Pressure
Masma Dream World_ Masma Dream World
Fatima Al Qadiri_ Shaneera
Ange`le David-Guillou_ En Mouvement
Trupa Trupa_ Coffin (single)
Fret_ Over Depth
David Lee Myers_ Superpositions
Rocky Wood_ OK, No Wait
Nicola Ratti_ The Collection
Jason Grier_ Demonstration Disc
Tresque_ Lensomni EP
Rafael Toral_ Moon Field
Dedekind Cut_ The Expanded Domain
Denseland_ Disco Dictionary
Shall Remain Nameless_ Shall Remain Nameless
Giulio Aldinucci_ Borders And Ruins
Klein_ Tommy
Volker Bo¨hm_ Endless Undo
White Wine_ Killer Brilliance
Ghe´dalia Tazarte`s + Maya Dunietz_ Schulevy Maker
Clientele, the_ Music for the Age of Miracles
John Murry_ Come Five & Twenty
Tomara_ Favourite Ghost
Juxtaposition_ Juxtaposition
Crewdson_ Toys - Broken & Remixed
Godspeed You Black Emperor_ Luciferian Towers
Stephanos Vassiliadis_ En Pyri / Bacchae
Trent Reznor + Atticus Ross_ The Vietnam War
Max Richter_ Taboo (Music From The Original T...
Lee Ranaldo_ Electric Trim
Ariel Pink_ Dedicated To Bobby Jameson
Grandfather`s House_ Diving
Time For T_ Hope Something Anything
Keisuke Matsuno, Moritz Baumga¨r..._ Crumble
Vários_ Monika Werkstatt Remixes - Berli...
IOKOI_ Liquefy Reworks
Gabriel Saloman_ Movement Building Vol. 3
Sum Of R_ Orga
Orchard_ Serendipity
Ziu´r_ U Feel Anything?
Tom Brosseau_ Treasures Untold
National, the_ Sleep Well Beast
Dream Syndicate_ How Did I Find Myself Here
S?irom_ I Can Be a Clay Snapper
Riding Pânico_ Rabo de Cavalo
Pupillo + Babel + Bro¨tzmann_ Live At Candy Bomber Studios Vol. 1
Nosaj Thing_ Parallels
Martin Ku¨chen_ Lieber Heiland, laß uns sterben
Lali Puna_ Two Windows
Jan St. Werner_ Spectric Acid
Foch Delplanque_ Secret
Fendika_ Birabiro
Christian Kobi, Taku Sugimoto, W..._ ???! atta! (I have just found it)
Thomas Dimuzio + Alan Courtis_ Monk Style Or Scream
Kedr Livanskiy_ Ariadna
Greg Fox_ The Gradual Progression
Antwood_ Sponsored Content
Mirt + Ter_ Bacchus Where Are You?
Erland Dahlen_ Clocks
Will Samson_ Welcome Oxygen
Shit & Shine_ Some People Really Know How To Live
Mana_ Creature
Kassel Jaeger_ Aster
Monty Adkins_ Shadows and Reflections
Mapa_ No Automatu
Dafna Naphtali + Gordon Beeferman_ Pulsing Dot
Trupa Trupa_ To Me (single)
Tony Buck_ Unearth
Marcus Fischer_ Loss
LCD Soundsystem_ American Dream
Rumpistol_ Drops
War On Drugs_ A Deeper Understanding
Emma Russack_ Permanent Vacation
Bosaina_ Two Names Upon The Shore
Bosaina_ New York, April - July 2013
Beck_ Colors
Liars_ TFCF
BJ Nilsen_ Massif Trophies
New Routines Every Day_ You Never Know What Is Enough / ...
Lourdes Rebels_ Lolita
Le Belve_ Raise
Drumming (by Miquel Bernat)_ Mares
Adam Carpet_ Hardcore Problem Solver
Stein Urheim_ Utopian Tales
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard_ Sketches Of Brunswick East
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma_ On the Echoing Green
Iron & Wine_ Beast Epic
Chad VanGaalen_ Light Information
Tresque_ Geissle EP
National, the_ Live EP
Quest_ Quay
Odd Nosdam_ LIF
O Yuki Conjugate_ Tropic
Nick Cave + Warren Ellis_ Wind River OST
Monty Adkins_ A Year at Usher’s Hill
Manchester Orchestra_ A Black Mile To The Surface
Jason Wilber_ Reaction Time
Grizzly Bear_ Painted Ruins
Frankie Rose_ Cage Tropical
Audiodeluxe_ EP3
Anthony Moore + Therapeutische H..._ Ore Talks
Adriano Zanni_ Soundtrack For Falling Trees
John Murry_ A Short History Of Decay
Yasunao Tone_ AI Deviation #1, #2
Jens Pauly_ r/f
Haco_ Qoosui
Burnt Friedman_ Dead Saints Chronicles (EP)
Belle & Sebastian_ We Were Beautiful (single)
Tallest Man On Earth, the_ The Tallest Man On Earth With yM...
Fall_ New Facts Emerge
Son Lux_ After The Curtain: Songs From Th...
Porn Sword Tobacco_ 2017 (EP)
Melvins, the_ A Walk With Love and Death
Benjamin Gibbard_ Bandwagonesque
Batts_ Little White Lies (single)
Arcade Fire, the_ Everything Now
Irmler + Oesterhelt_ Die Gesa¨nge des Maldoror
Esmark_ Mara I
Vários_ Delineation - A Collection of Re...
Thisquietarmy_ Democracy of Dust
Esmark_ Mara II
Swans_ 8|10: Hard Club, Porto
Swans_ 9|10: Lisboa ao Vivo
Visible Cloaks_ 27|10: SEMIBREVE, Braga
Beatriz Ferreyra_ 27|10: SEMIBREVE, Braga
Lawrence English_ 27|10: SEMIBREVE, Braga
Valgeir Sigurđsson_ 27|10: SEMIBREVE, Braga
Mark Eitzel_ 28|10: Auditório de Espinho
Mark Eitzel_ 29|10: ZDB,Lisboa
Shabazz Palaces_ 31|10: ZDB, Lisboa
John Maus_ 1|11: ZDB, Lisboa
Band Of Holy Joy_ 2|11: Sabotage, Lisboa
Shabazz Palaces_ 2|11: GNRation, Braga
Telescopes_ 3|11: Sabotage, Lisboa
Underground Youth_ 4|11: Sabotage, Lisboa
Avey Tare`s Slasher Flick_ 21|11: ZDB, Lisboa
Cigarettes After Sex_ 24|11: Mexefest, Lisboa
Destroyer_ 24|11: Mexefest, Lisboa
Aldous Harding_ 24|11: Mexefest, Lisboa
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