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Aqui estão as Playlists das nossas emissões. Ficam como referência e vão, aos poucos, escrevendo a nossa história.

Here are the Playlists of the shows of «o domínio dos deuses». They might serve for future reference and, little by little, are writing our history.
Data:       Destaque: Ekin Fil
Hora 1
Grupo Tema Disco Editora
Will Samson Forestry (Day Four) Welcome Oxygen Talitres
Tomara Hope for the Best Favourite Ghost Ed. Autor
Time For T India Hope Something Anything Last Train Rec...
Grandfather`s House She's looking good Diving Ed. Autor
Clientele, the Falling Asleep Music for the Age of Mira... Tapete Records
Vários Barbara Morgenstern + Werkstatt: Grow... Monika Werkstatt Remixes ... Monika Enterprise
Keisuke Matsuno, Moritz Bau... Surfing on Ramen Noodles Crumble Clang
Sum Of R Hypnotic State Orga Czar Of Revela...
Orchard A Day Staring at Eternity Part 04 Serendipity Ici D'Ailleurs
Gabriel Saloman What Belongs To Bass Movement Building Vol. 3 Shelter Press
Hora 2
Grupo Tema Disco Editora
Ekin Fil Let Go Ghosts Inside Helen Scarsdal...
Ekin Fil Simple Past Ghosts Inside Helen Scarsdal...
Ekin Fil Before A Full Moon Ghosts Inside Helen Scarsdal...
Ekin Fil With The Birds Ghosts Inside Helen Scarsdal...
Waxahatchee 8 Ball Out In The Storm Merge
Ride Lateral Alice Weather Diaries Wichita
Bon Iver 33 “GOD” 22, A Million Jagjaguwar
LCD Soundsystem I Used To American Dream DFA Records
Crewdson Eyes In The Back Of Your Head Toys Slowfoot
Erland Dahlen Ship Clocks Hubro
Haco Anesthesia Love Qoosui Someone Good
Quest Turn In Quay Where Ambient ...

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