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Aqui estão as Playlists das nossas emissões. Ficam como referência e vão, aos poucos, escrevendo a nossa história.

Here are the Playlists of the shows of «o domínio dos deuses». They might serve for future reference and, little by little, are writing our history.
Data:       Destaque: Marsmobil
Hora 1
Grupo Tema Disco Editora
U.S. Girls L-Over In A Poem Unlimited 4AD
Belle & Sebastian Everything Is Now (Part Two) How To Solve Our Human Pr... Matador
Ride Pulsar Tomorrow`s Shore EP Wichita
Peter Astor Golden Boy One for the Ghost Tapete Records
Alela Diane Emigre Cusp All Points
Son Lux All Directions Brighter Wounds City Slang
B.Fleischmann Hello Hello Stop Making Fans Morr Music
Mark Renner Half A Heart Few Traces RVNG Intl.
Heal Poids d'e´vidence Espace d’incertitude Sound On Proba...
Lucrecia Dalt Tar Anticlines RVNG Intl.
Efrim Manuel Menuck The State and Its Love and Genoicide Pissing Stars Constellation
Hora 2
Grupo Tema Disco Editora
Marsmobil Sometimes I Don't Regret Fairytales Of The Supersu... Compost Records
Marsmobil Eclectic Mystic Fairytales Of The Supersu... Compost Records
Marsmobil The Story Of The Mongolian Horse Fairytales Of The Supersu... Compost Records
Marsmobil A Time When Painters Painted More Fairytales Of The Supersu... Compost Records
Warlocks Dead Generation Vevey Cleopatra
Limiñanas The Gift Shadow People Because Music
Monochrome Set I Feel Fine (Really) Maisieworld Tapete Records
Legendary Tiger Man, the Black Hole Misfit Sony Music
Dirtmusic Safety in Numbers Bu Bir Ruya Glitterbeat
Nils Frahm A Place All Melody Erased Tapes
Denis Frajerman The Lifts Rivie`res de la nuit Deuizième lune
Christian Kleine Glimmer Electronic Music From The... Ed. Autor

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