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Aqui estão as Playlists das nossas emissões. Ficam como referência e vão, aos poucos, escrevendo a nossa história.

Here are the Playlists of the shows of «o domínio dos deuses». They might serve for future reference and, little by little, are writing our history.
Data:       Destaque: Silent Carnival
Hora 1
Grupo Tema Disco Editora
Modern English Something's Going On Take Me To The Trees Ed. Autor
Poison Arrows, the No Known Note (Part II) No Known Note File-13 Records
Golden Diskó Ship Swarm Of Bees Imaginary Boys Karlrecords
Teengirl Fantasy Telepaths 8AM Planet Mu
Octopus Project, the Brounce Memory Mirror Robot High School
Olivier Alary Canon Fiction / Non-Fiction Fat Cat
Jacaszek To Flowers KWIATY Ghostly Intern...
Norman Westberg A Particular Tuesday Jasper Sits Out Room40
S S S S Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes, Part I Just Dead Stars For Dead ... Hallow Ground
Hora 2
Grupo Tema Disco Editora
Sunflowers Charlie Don't Surf The Intergalactic Guide T... O Căo da Garagem
Björn Magnusson Flies In The Grid Almost Transparent Blue Specter Fix Press
Feelies Gone, Gone, Gone In Between Bar None
Brian Jonestown Massacre Fact 67 Don't Get Lost A. Records
Blonde Redhead 3 O'Clock 3 O'Clock EP Asa Wa Kuru
Jesca Hoop Cut Connection Memories Are Now Sub Pop
Marquises, Les Des Nuits A Night Full Of Collapses Ici D'Ailleurs
Silent Carnival Across the ocean Drowning at Low Tide vice versa
Silent Carnival Devotion Drowning at Low Tide vice versa
Silent Carnival Drifting Drowning at Low Tide vice versa
Silent Carnival Sick Drowning at Low Tide vice versa

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