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Aqui estão as Playlists das nossas emissões. Ficam como referência e vão, aos poucos, escrevendo a nossa história.

Here are the Playlists of the shows of «o domínio dos deuses». They might serve for future reference and, little by little, are writing our history.
Data:       Destaque: M185
Hora 1
Grupo Tema Disco Editora
Gala Drop You and I II Golf Channel R...
Githead To Somewhere Waiting For A Sign Swim
Beak> Oh -+ Invada
Mesak Taxeee Driver Howto Readme Harmönia
Steve Stoll Missing My Place Solo In Place [Featuring ... Psychonavigation
Spyros Polychronopoulos em 2 Electronic Music Experimedia
Baron Oufo Dhikr Dar al-Hikma Quadrilab
Andrea Belfi Oggetti creano forme Natura Morta Miasmah
Natasha Barrett Reality & Secrets no. 2 Part III Peat + Polymer +3dB Records
KK Null Cryptozoon Stereo Condensed Mix Cryptozoon Stereo Condens... Aagoo
Hora 2
Grupo Tema Disco Editora
Caribou Silver Our Love Merge
Ghédalia Tazartčs Oslo - Solo (part 4) LA. dBUT interambi...
Peter Broderick More and More (Mouth Trumpet Version) (Colours Of The Night) Sa... Bella Union
Vashti Bunyan Holy Smoke Heartleap Fat Cat
Bill Pritchard Trentham A Trip to the Coast Tapete Records
War On Drugs Burning Lost In The Dream Secretly Canadian
Thalia Zedek Fell So Hard SIX Thrill Jockey
Raveonettes Killer in the Streets Pe'ahi Beat Dies Records
M185 Russell Everything Is Up Siluh
M185 Jump Cuts Everything Is Up Siluh
M185 L.O.V.E. Everything Is Up Siluh
M185 Spring Thing Everything Is Up Siluh

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